Tuesday, May 15, 2012

KanREN Selects Roaring Penguin

Roaring Penguin Software is proud to announce that our partnerships with large educational networks is continuing to grow! We now have KanREN, Inc. on board; Kansas Research and Education Network is a non-profit consortium of colleges, universities, school districts and other organizations in Kansas, organized for the purpose of facilitating communication among them, and providing themselves with connectivity to the Internet via a statewide network. They join our other large educational networks Belnet in Belgium, SUNET in Sweden and SURFnet in the Netherlands who are filtering millions of e-mails daily with CanIt. Check out the press release!

If you want to learn more about offering a high-demand service for your schools give us a call!

1-613-231-6599 extension 102 for Bill White, VP of Sales & Marketing

Monday, May 14, 2012

340 Trillion, Trillion, Trillion!

Roaring Penguin Software will be participating in World IPv6 Day for the June 6, 2012 launch.

To clarify the need for IPv6;

IPv4 has approximately four billion IP addresses. The number of people, devices, and web services on the Internet has resulted in IPv4 running out of space. IPv6 will connect the billions of people not connected today, ensuring the Internet can continue growing indefinitely.